Top 7 trends in the hospitality industry

The hotel business is very competitive now. People are now traveling everywhere for leisure or business. Globalization and the drop in flight prices have contributed to this high growth of the industry. Here we are going to discuss the trends that are going to affect the industry.

Focus on the millennials

According to a study, it is expected that about 50% of all travelers that go to the US will be millennials by the year 2025. They will be traveling a lot and will be looking for affordable hotel options. They will demand easy check-in and dining experience. So, the hotels must focus on catering to the millennials.

Focus on technology

Guests are now self-sufficient and tech-savvy. They use the Internet and apps to look at the hotel deals. So, the hotels need to ensure that they have a good presence online. They also have to be up-to-date with the user offerings. Their sites should contain good photographs and virtual tours so that the users can take their decision easily.

More international visitors

More people are now traveling abroad. So, the hotels need to consider the language and cultural differences. The hotels must provide service in multiple languages and provide tailored experiences to the guests according to their culture.

More emphasis on health

Many hotels now have the option of providing healthy food in their restaurants. But people now want more than that. They want well-equipped fitness centers, spas, pools, etc. Hotels should have these and also other more advanced facilities like air purification, in-room exercise equipment, etc.


People now prefer hotels that are eco-friendly. So, hotels now must focus on renewable energy sources. Some hotels are installing solar panels. In most hotels, lights are automatically switched off once the guests leave the room.

Use social network

Travelers today share their travel experiences on Facebook and other social media platforms. They can promote your hotel, but at the same time, if they have a bad experience, they can create a negative image of your hotel as well. So, you need to be active in social networks too so that you can save yourself from a bad reputation. You should try to engage with the customers.

Extra perks

As the competition is too much, the hotels should add extra perks to stand out. Some hotels offer free wine tasting in the lobby, whereas, some provide lists of downloadable music. These extra perks will help you to stand out.

If you are in the hotel business, you must be aware of these trends. You should follow the trends so that you can attract more customers than your competitors. Customer service should be your priority and you should focus on providing personalized service to the guests.