7 things to expect on a luxury cruise

For the ultimate luxury experience, you should board a luxury cruise ship. Many people are now getting on luxury cruise ships for their holidays. These ships are different than the normal cruise ships in many different ways. Here we are going to discuss what you can expect on a luxury cruise.

Interior design

You will be stunned by the interior design of a luxury cruise ship – as you would be if you were to hire an amazing luxury vehicle from apexluxurycarhire. Importance is given to every single detail in the rooms. From the floor to the ceiling, every corner of the ship is decorated by top-class interior designers. You will see the high quality and designer products everywhere. There are crystal chandeliers, marble floors, artworks by famous artists, and more.

Personalized service

Once you step into the ship, the crew members will start calling you by your name. They will stop by and talk to you in the cabin, lounge and anywhere they meet you. They will cater to your personal needs. If you have a special day like birthday or anniversary then you will get special treatment. You may also get gifts. The crew members will try to make your day special in every respect.


Luxury cruises are not crowded like normal ships. So you can move around comfortably. There are more crew members to attend a person also. So, you get a better service from them.


Full course meal will be served at the restaurants. World famous chefs help in preparing the food. The food is just awesome. You will get to taste some of the finest wines in the world at the bar.

Entertainment and activities

There is unlimited entertainment on these cruises. You can go on a shore excursion and even go as far as book a Bentley in Barcelona during the cruise. You can take various classes like cooking class, dance class, etc. At night there are lots of entertainments on the ship, like music, theatre shows, etc. There is a disco in the ship too.

Dress code

In many cruise ships, there is a formal night when you will have to wear tuxedo and gown. At other times also you are required to be in proper dresses. But there are ships where the formal dress code is not there. You can even enter the dining room in T-shirt and jeans.


You will have a mini bar set up with drinks. There will be Belgian chocolates for you. You can have a choice of pillows. The bathroom will be stacked with branded toiletries. You will get 24-hour butler service.

In some luxury cruise ships, the package is all-inclusive. In such case, you don’t need to worry about paying for your drinks or snacks. You can have anything you want anytime. Luxury cruises will give you the royal experience that you could never imagine.